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Private In-Home Chef

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There are so many ways to celebrate with a delicious meal.  Celebrations don’t have to be big affairs.  We can celebrate our love for one another or simply the delight of being together.  A romantic dinner, a family reunion or a gathering of friends. Traditional dishes or exotic flavours. Vegetarian guests, with intolerances or allergies. Every single private chef experience is unique!

Whether you’re looking for a formal private dinner with professional table service, cooking lessons, event catering or a birthday party, we can create a stunning event you will love.  Our Chefs are skilled professionals who love to have fun and share their craft with others.

Together with your personal Chef,  we will help you personalize every detail of your evening until you design the perfect menu. Each menu is tailor fitted not just for the event as a whole but for each individual guest.  

We love it when our guests take every detail as seriously as we do.  We want to help cultivate a one-of-a kind event for you and those you love.  We can work to replicate that perfect honeymoon dinner you had on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast for your anniversary dinner.  Your group may prefer to get more hands on with your event.  Our Chefs can create a cooking class tailored to your group whether it’s the whole family, including the kids getting in on the action, or a beautiful romantic evening for two.  Anything from a bachelorette party, private cooking class, or big family dinner, we can accommodate.

Our chefs bring only the freshest ingredients to your table.  They will do the shopping, including farmer’s market ingredients, create custom-specialized menus and create personal dishes especially for you. Our seasonal and varied menus keep the dinner table interesting, healthy, and enjoyable. Keeping your needs in mind, our chefs can be hired to cook for one day, weekly, or as often as needed.  Our qualified private chefs will amaze you when it comes to cooking the most delicate cuisines from around the world. Avail our personal chef services and we will take you on a trip around the world through each bite - rich with flavors and authentic taste.

At Concishare, we believe that free time and good health are the true luxuries in life. We want to give you both.  For those who are short on time but still want to enjoy Chef-prepared meals, our guests can design an ideal delivery schedule and menu, and our friendly butlers will deliver freshly prepared meals to your home, ready to eat or reheat later.  We want to ensure you have the chance to savor every minute with your family and friends.  You will have no kitchen responsibility on the day of your special event, which is why your personal chef will leave your kitchen clean and spotless. Enjoy and relax.

We take care of all the back-end work so all you have is one simple associated cost.  Our prices are totally transparent and include all applicable costs: transportation, food costs, chef's rate, cleaning, and taxes. Only tipping is discretionary.

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