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Grocery Service

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Grocery Service

Fresh produce and vegetables, the best meats, desserts to end a perfect day are available to make sure you are prepared for every meal.

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Food delivery has been made more convenient than ever. More often than not, grocery stores are usually crowded and sometimes you simply don’t want to leave your home!  You shouldn’t have to stop enjoying life with your family and friends to take care of groceries.  We know there are a plethora of apps to choose from. However, we have one thing apps don’t have, caring individuals with a hospitality heart.  We pick the brightest berries, the lettuce with the most crisp and all other produce with the freshest characteristics.  You won’t have to worry about bruised bananas from your shopper again.  Our butlers will go the extra mile for that specific container of hard-to-find dairy-free yogurt you simply must have right now.  They’ll make it their mission to find exactly what you’ve requested. We will travel to multiple locations to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase at no extra charge.  If you have a particularly difficult item to source, with enough notice, we can find it and have it ready for your visit to one of our partner homes.  If you are shopping for your own home, we will be sure to keep your profile at the ready with all of your specifications.  That way, you won’t have to repeat your regular order again.

When shopping for our vacation rental guests, we always place groceries neatly in their designated locations in the refrigerator and freezer with their labels facing out for easy reference. We take out all the guesswork making your vacation a breeze.  

We can source the freshest locally sourced produce.  We know exactly which farmers market to go to in order to find the best locally grown greens.  Our private chef’s love to let us in on the best produce at their local markets all throughout the year.  They especially brag about their most unique flavorful finds.  Should you wish for us to make a general order based on the number of days you are renting your home we are happy to take your dietary restrictions into account and create an order around your preferences.  

We can create custom shops based on the below diets however, you are your only limitation!

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • You tell us!

Some of our chefs provide weekly plans as well.  Perhaps you and your family are an adventure crew and love to stay busy throughout the day exploring your new town.  We can create a menu for you and deliver your meals ahead of time so all you have to do is pop them in the oven for a well-rounded meal, personalized to the tastes of each family member! Cooking with the family can become a fun night with a bit of assistance.  We can create special grocery lists with accompanying recipes for one-of-a-kind at home chef inspired meals.

Of course, we include your personal essentials in our shopping as well.  There’s nothing worse than arriving to your exciting new accommodation only to find you've left your toothbrush at home. No request is too small for our team.  We want to ensure you are as comfortable in your holiday home as you are in your own home.

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